Advisory Team

Team Leader – Pastor Todd Bellamy:

The Advisory Team is a group of people that are committed and demonstrate complete buy-in to the ministry at Meeker Assembly. We believe that nobody is as smart as everybody on this Team, and that God has created us with unique gifts – it’s important that we use them to serve our great and matchless King and the people of Meeker Assembly.


Celebrate Recovery Team

Team Leader – Pastor Todd Bellamy:

Celebrate Recovery Team is made up of three pastors from the Meeker Council of Churches that are committed to helping those in our community that desire to deal with the hurts, habits and hang-ups that are often the result of painful times we go through in this life. We recognize the need to be in healthy relationships with people who love us and desire to hold us accountable. If you have a heart for serving those that hurt and need assistance, please consider joining this Team.

Women’s Ministry Team

Team Leader – Pastor Colleen Bellamy:


Kids’ Ministry Team

Team Leader – Shawnee Moody:

Our Children’s Team invests in the Children at Meeker Assembly. They are responsible for creating a safe environment for kids to learn about who God is and how He wants a relationship with them. Each week we have an opportunity to invest into the children in our community and bless their parents. If you would like to love on and invest in the children of Meeker Assembly, please consider joining this Team.


Worship Team

Team Leader – Thomas Griffin:

The Worship Team is responsible for fostering an environment of worship in our Sunday morning and Wednesday evening services. We enjoy a wonderful time of worship each week, and the Team uses their gifts to help lead us and create an environment of worship for our community. If you are interested in helping to create a time and environment for worship, please consider joining our Worship Team.


Welcome Team

Team Leader – Bernie Roybal:

The Welcome Team is committed to making everyone feel welcome into our family. They recognize the need to serve our church at Meeker Assembly in ways such as making snacks for Sunday morning, preparing dinners for those going through tough life situations, and serving as ushers in our Sunday morning service. If you wish to help others in this way, please consider joining this fine Team.


Helps Team

Team Leader – Art Cox:

Our Helps Team is a group of unsung heroes that complete the everyday tasks that are often taken for granted. Examples include church cleaning, mowing the grass, building maintenance, and all other necessary things that go into fulfilling the required tasks that are so vital to the running of the church. These chores are often not exciting or fun, but if you are able to help, please pray about joining this fantastic Team.