Men are called by God to be loving husbands, wise fathers, hard workers, and intentional makers of disciples. Our ministry to men is designed to encourage them in these things and see them grow and mature into the men of God that He created them to be!
“The Quest for Authentic Manhood” by Robert Lewis—Our study begins Tuesday, September 18th at Meeker Assembly of God at 7pm and will be led by John Walls each Tuesday evening. This is a Christian-based, 24 week program that focuses on men’s issues in today’s world. Robert Lewis, the founder of this ministry, has tremendous insights that will enhance our abilities to be a better husband, father, friend, and spiritual leader in our home—in short, a better man! We will cover the first 13 lessons by December 11th and resume after the first of the year, in mid-December, concluding at the end of March. For those men who participate in this quest, your life will be changed for the better!


The women of Meeker Assembly are passionate about building strong, healthy relationships with one another, discipling and investing in younger ladies, and continuing the process of growth and maturity in their own lives to become thriving women of God!