Life Groups

God created His People to live life in community with each other. Too often believers go to church with people on Sunday and then never seem them again until next Sunday. We don’t want to settle for that. Life Groups are our way of fostering the kind of relationships that help us to do life together as Jesus intended. We have three groups that meet in homes throughout Meeker for fellowship, prayer, conversation on the Word, and life-changing relationships. Contact Pastor Aaron to see how you can connect with a group and begin living life with other believers!


Men are called by God to be loving husbands, wise fathers, hard workers, and intentional makers of disciples. Our ministry to men is designed to encourage them in these things and see them grow and mature into the men of God that He created them to be!


The women of Meeker Assembly are passionate about building strong, healthy relationships with one another, discipling and investing in younger ladies, and continuing the process of growth and maturity in their own lives to become thriving women of God!